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My name is Vangelis Lympouridis and I am a visiting scholar at USC's School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) and I work for the Creative Media & Behavioral Health Center (CMBHC)  within the Interactive Media Division (IMD).
I was awarded my PhD on "Design Strategies for Whole Body Interactive Performance Systems" in 2012 from the University of Edinburgh and I hold an MSc in Sound Design from the same University and a BFA(Hons) in Sculpture and Environmental Art from the Glasgow School of Art and a diploma in painting and sculpture from the Vakalo School of Art and Design in Athens.
I begun my studies in Physics at the University of Ioannina in Greece, and I took my first art classes at the Fine Art and Modern Technology program at the Technical University of Crete where I attended a two-week workshop with American artist Allan Kaprow.
I am interested in technologies for body tracking and the design of whole body interactions primarily for music, dance, theater, interactive entertainment and rehabilitation applications. I have published and participated to various conferences such as NIME, SMC, ACM SIGCHI, ACM SIGGRAPH, IEEE VR, The Bodycomputing conference and selected papers and my academic profile can be found at my page.
I have presented and exhibited personal and site-specific work during workshops and residencies in the UK, US, Canada, Greece, Portugal and Italy, and was a member of the team representing Greece at the 11th Venice Biennial of Architecture in 2008,with the interactive installation “Athens by Sound”.

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